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By JASON OSTRESH | February 3, 2021

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions about TRIPTIK with additional information about everything the trip planning tool offers. Click on a question to view the full instructions.

  1. 1

    1. Enter your starting location in the search box marked “A”.
    2. Enter your destination location in the search box marked “B”.
    3. Optional: Add additional stops to your route by selecting the "+" sign.
    4. Select "START TRIP" to generate the route.

    NOTE: If you make any changes to your trip, you’ll need to reselect "START TRIP" in order for those changes to appear on the map.

  2. 2

    1. Log into your AAA account by selecting "Your Account" in the top right corner and then “Sign In”.
    2. After logging in, create a route, then select “START TRIP” to run the route.
    3. In the trip details section that appears below the input fields, select “Save” (the heart icon).
    4. Enter a name for your trip in the “Save a Trip” pop-up window. TIP: Choose a meaningful title so it’s easy to find later.
    5. Select "OK" to save your route itinerary.
    6. To find your saved route, select the menu icon in the upper left corner and choose “Saved Trips & Saved Places”. Your list of saved trips will be organized alphabetically.
  3. 3

    1. Log into your AAA account by selecting "Your Account" in the top right corner and then “Sign In”.
    2. Select the main menu icon in the upper left corner and choose "Print Options".
    3. To customize the settings, select the checkbox for "Saved Places Maps and Guides". The default setting is for "All Saved Places", which will print all the saved places in your list. To print only the saved places currently visible in the map area, change the selection under Options to “Saved Places on map”.
    4. Select "Create Print Version" to generate a PDF of your saved places, or select "Create Email Version" to share the document by email.
  4. 4

    How to share a route.

    1. Create a route and select "START TRIP" to load the route onto the map.
    2. In the trip details section that appears below the input fields, select the "Share" icon (between Save and Print). A pop-up allows you to share your route by email, Facebook or Twitter.

    How to share a completed TRIPTIK.

    1. Once you’ve generated a route, select the “Print” icon in the trip details section that appears below the input fields.
    2. Under "Print Options", select "Create Email Version".
    3. Fill out the form and click "Send Email".
  5. 5

    The voice navigation feature can help you reach specific destinations on your itinerary or any point of interest you select on the map. The feature is available on the mobile version of TripTik and compatible with Apple and Android devices. Enabling the feature will automatically open the default navigation app on your mobile device (Google Maps for Android or Apple Maps for iPhone).
    1. In this example we will use an iPhone. Open the Safari app and navigate to (If you see a page that says "Find Your Local AAA Club", enter your home ZIP code and tap "Go".)
    2. On the TripTik landing page, enter your starting and ending locations. If you’re interested in finding points of interest along the way like hotels, restaurants, gas stations, campgrounds or AAA savings, tap their icons before selecting "GET DIRECTIONS".
    3. In the trip pop-up menu, tap "Navigate".
    4. Select any destination within that list to open your device’s default navigation app and utilize the voice navigation feature for turn-by-turn directions.
  6. 6

    1. Yes, contact your local AAA branch to place an order. Use the TRIPTIK app to find AAA/CAA branches in your area.
  7. 7

    You can add stops to your route in one of two ways:
    Option 1: When creating a route, add additional stops by selecting the "+" icon.
    Option 2: For longer trips, add additional stops at certain distances and time intervals using the "Route Intervals" feature. Note: This feature will only appear for routes longer than 4 hours.
    1. After generating the route, adjust the amount of time or distance between stops by dragging the Route Intervals slider from left to right. You can select “Time” for intervals of 2 to 12 hours, or “Distance” for intervals of 100 to 600 miles.
    2. Once you’ve selected the desired interval, choose "Set" to see the potential areas you can stop. These intervals will show up on the map as red circles along the route. (To remove the circles, select "Clear".)
    3. Select one of the circles to zoom in to that area. The circle covers a 2-mile radius, with gas stations, restaurants and hotels spotted on the map.

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